With our team of highly experienced and qualified staff we can provide full helpdesk and onsite support services. We can provide varying levels from Ad Hoc to fully managed outsource contracts where every aspect of your IT is taken care of without you needing to worry about it. We offer support to companies of all sizes from a home office to a multi-site global enterprise and take pride in providing a corporate level of support to any size of client. We can be employed as an outsourced partner, taking care of everything for you, or we can complement an in house IT team. Providing a flexible and friendly service is key and working to Service Level Agreements means that the response you need is assured.


If you need some assistance with a project Marshal can provide the consultancy you need.

There are several different reasons to call in a Marshal consultant including access to more objective external advice and recommendations, access to our specialised expertise and temporary help during a one-time project.

It may be as simple as some general advice on the correct technology to support your business, or a simple server roll out, or as extensive as rolling out new systems and services worldwide.

Some larger consultancy examples can be found within our case study page, but rest assured however large or small your business is, Marshal can provide professional and appropriate consultancy.


Stronger, faster and more secure - With the right upgrades, your business becomes increasingly productive, profitable and efficient. By developing a long-term plan and understanding your future goals, we can suggest upgrades to boost your business. We advise on what to buy, from the right mix of software to high-performance hardware. And we install and upgrade new equipment out of office hours, minimising the impact on your productivity. Affordable and honest purchasing - We’re not tied to any hardware manufacturers or suppliers, so we can offer you the best equipment and the best price.


For a fixed price we fully manage your IT Infrastructure, giving you peace of mind and no management overhead. We own the problem and its solution. Where we manage a component of your environment our approach is one of partnership with your staff, in-house IT department and board of directors.

Our experience across multiple businesses and industries enables us to bring best practice from elsewhere to keep your IT systems healthy. It’s not just about keeping your IT systems stable and available; we also work with you and your business to ensure that your IT strategy is aligned with the business plan.

Small and medium sized businesses choose IT outsourcing and entrust the management of most or all of their IT systems to us. For example Iheal Medical Centre outsource the management of their entire IT environment to Marshal.


Have you got an IT Director? Would you like one? Smaller businesses cannot afford to employ a full time IT director, but we can provide you with the knowledge and expertise of a highly skilled IT Professional to carry out this role for you, without the associated expense of hiring yourself. Working alongside the business owners or directors we can make sure the IT strategy is aligned with the business plan and will avoid any nasty surprises when it comes to the IT spend. In the changing climate of IT we can make sure that all of the up to date technology is assessed with your infrastructure in mind before being included in any future plans, allowing you to grow and develop your business with confidence.