Whether you require the smallest component or a complete refresh of your entire company’s infrastructure we can help. We can supply hardware from all of the primary manufacturers to ensure quality with full manufacturer’s warranty. We are partnered with a number of the main vendors including HP, DELL and IBM. This coupled with a fast, friendly and efficient approach means that we can supply IT hardware within very strict timeframes ensuring on-time delivery at competitive prices.


We can provide name brand software from the main vendors including Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, GFI, Symantec and more.

Whether you require a full packaged retail product or volume licensing we can work alongside you to determine the best solution for your business to keep everything current but at the same time cost effective.

We extensively work on customizing open source applications to meet clients need. We perform extensive research to identify the best open source application that suits clients business needs. We also provide services to migrate the existing application and data, if any, to the new software. We provide ongoing technical support, and can modify the functionality and add new features.


The next time your business needs new computers, networking equipment or other technology, should you buy it or lease it? Ultimately, a few simple rules of thumb may help you decide to lease or buy. If your equipment requirements are relatively small and you have the money then just buy it. However, if you require a substantial amount of equipment, such as computers for your new company's 10 employees, leasing may be a better option. After all, why tie up a large amount of cash especially when you could use that money to establish or grow your business? Talk to us and we can help to put you in touch with our specialist IT leasing partner so you can weigh up the options to help you decide what best suits your needs.